RESPECT Poster Contest History and Winning Posters

The RESPECT Poster Contest began in 2014 as part of the PAPRS in-person conference.  Winners receive a cash prize.

RESPECT stands for Resolve to Eliminate Stigma: Practice Empathy, Compassion & Truth

In 2014, the debut year, over 120 posters were submitted. In subsequent years we added a Youth and Young Adult division to the contest. This art work comes with a definite stigma-fighting message.  PAPRS is honored  to share the art work of prior winners and their anti-stigma message with you.

girl in a tree





2014 First Place

Casey Baker, Altoona, PA






Together We Can



2021 Adult - First Place

Charles Wienand, Butler, PA



We Can Change the World



2021 Adult - Second Place

Karen Hilliard, Butler, PA



Self Love



2021 Adult - Third Place

Louise Ficca, Wellsboro, PA






2021 Youth and Young Adult - First Place

Breanna Fulmer, Westover, PA




End Toxic Masculinity



2021 Youth and Young Adult - Second Place

Doreen Duffy, Meadville, PA




Keep Moving Forward





2021 Youth and Young Adult - Third Place

Dustin Wright, Punxsutawney, PA









2022 Adult - First Place

Dorothy Boyd, Sunbury, PA









2022 Adult - Second Place


Chuck Wienand, Butler, PA










2022 Adult - Third Place

Charlene Bartraw, Williamsport, PA








2022 Youth and Young Adult - First Place

Emily James, Wilkes Barre, PA








2022 Youth and Young Adult - Second Place

McKenzie Nichols, Meadville, PA












2022 Youth and Young Adult - Third Place

Abbi Radcliff, Claysville, PA









        2023 Adult - First Place

        Danielle Delso, Johnstown, PA











       2023 Adult - Second Place

       Kimberly Covatch, Baden, PA










       2023 Adult - Third Place

       Angela Caldwell, Coudersport, PA










       2023 Youth & Young Adult - First Place

       Caylin Young, Meadville, PA











       2023 Youth & Young Adult - Second Place

      Juliann Perry, Meadville, PA









       2023 Youth & Young Adult -Third Place

       Damein Hunt, Ambridge, PA